Scope of the Position:

The Under Secretary for Management in the Department of State acts as the Chief Operating Office (COO) for the entire Department. As of FY 2016 the State Department's budget was $54.7 billion, part of which goes to the United States Agency for International Development. Though employee numbers are not available for FY 2015, as of FY 2014 the Department employed slightly over 10,000 federal personnel. In addition, the Under Secretary acts as an advisor to the Secretary on all managerial matters and oversees the Department's technology, logistical arrangements, consular affairs, and contracting operations.

Illustrative Management Challenges:

The Under Secretary for Management must oversee multiple challenges in the position. Two of them stem from the state of the internet technology security preparedness that the Department finds itself in. A report released in February 2016 by the State Department's Inspector General, in collaboration with the Washington, D.C., firm Williams, Adley & Company, found multiple issues with State's ability to respond to and report cybersecurity incidents.1 The report found that "the Department's IR&R [incident response and reporting] program was not operating effectively for the months of September and October 2014." The State Department has attempted to follow the recommendations made in the report. The State Department has established the Joint Security Operations Center and hired and placed additional Senior Watch Officers, which will ensure the constant presence of supervisory personnel to direct and manage incident response program activities. Although the IG considers the recommendation to be "resolved," there has yet to be documentation of the effectiveness of these actions in accomplishing what they are meant to. Furthermore, there is still evidence of problems with personnel following the designated protocols. Another IG report released in conjunction with the first highlights that "contingency planning deficiencies [exist] in 69 percent (20 out of 29) of oversees inspections performed during FYs 2014 and 2015."2 Therefore, until the systems that have been put in place have been proven to work, the Deputy Secretary should be prepared to tackle these challenges.


     1Management Assistance Report: Department of State Incident Response and Reporting Program;; February 2016.
     2Management Assistance Report: Continued Deficiencies Identified in Information Technology Contingency Planning;; February 2016.      

Under Secretaries for Management, Department of State:

Experience as a high-level government official is a common characteristic among Under Secretaries for Management, often with an international focus. Additionally, experience managing large organizations is important for a position that acts as the de facto COO for such a large organization.

Current Incumbent:

Patrick F. Kennedy (2007-Present): Before assuming his current appointment, Kennedy had already served for years in the government. he has served as the Director of the Office of Management Policy, Rightsizing, and Innovation; the Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Management; the U.S. Representative to the United Nations for Management and Reform with the Rank of Ambassador; the Chief of Staff of the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq; the Chief of Staff of the Transition Unit in Iraq; the Assistant Secretary of State for Administration; Acting Assistant Secretary of State for Diplomatic Security; and as a Foreign Service officer. 

Previous Under Secretaries:

Henrietta H. Fore (2005-2007): Fore is currently the Chairman and EO of the investment and management company Holsman International. Her previous positions have consisted of serving as the Administrator of USAID and as the Director of the U.S. Mint in the Department of the Treasury.

Grant S. Green, Jr. (2001-2005): Green currently serves as the Chairman of Global Marketing and Development Solutions. His previous positions include President of Global Marketing and Development Solutions, and Assistant Secretary of Defense at DoD.

Bonnie R. Cohen (1997-2001): Cohen is currently serving as a Principal at B.R. Cohen and Associates. Cohen's previous positions have included Assistant Secretary for Policy, Management and Budget with the U.S. Department of the Interior; Director of Wellsford Real Properties; and senior executive positions in the Cohen and Steer group, including Director of Cohen and Steer Investments.

Richard M. Moose (Deceased) (1993-1996): Moose most recently served as the President of the Institute for Public Research at the Center for Naval Analysis. Moose's previous positions consisted of serving as the Senior Vice President of International and Government Affairs for American Express, Managing Director of Shearson Lehman, a senior executive for the international banking division of Kuhn Loeb & Co., the Assistant Secretary for African Affairs in the Department of State, a Special Assistant to the National Security Advisor, the first Executive Secretariat at the State Department, and as an Assistant to an Ambassador of Mexico in the Foreign Service.

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