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Since its inception in 2012, the Political Appointee Project has served as a valuable resource to those with a vested interest in the Presidential appointment process. With regards to the Political Appointee website, NAPA aims to identify the most important politically appointed positions in government, retain up to date information about the most recent political appointees, serve as a repository of profiles of key management positions in government, and provide insights to new political executives on the challenge of managing in government. This website is a byproduct of NAPA’s longstanding relationship with the Ernst and Young Initiative on Leadership and is also a component of NAPA’s larger Presidential Transition 2016 initiative.

Appointment Process in the News

Appointment Process in the News

This page provides readers a source for recent news regarding the Appointments Process, whether it be newspaper articles, events, or interviews. Please glance through the listings to find a piece you are interested in.

SENATOR MAKES GOOD ON VOW TO BLOCK OPM NOMINEE Sen. David Vitter on Thursday made good on an earlier threat to place a hold on President Obama's nomination of Beth Cobert to move from acting to permanent status as director of the Office of Personnel Management. "Time for OPM to Fess Up on Washington's Obamacare Exemption," Vitter proclaimed in a statement declaring that he will block her confirmation floor vote until Cobert responds to his request for information. Click here to read the full article from GovExec (2/25/16).

DR. ROBERT CALIFF WINS SENATE CONFIRMATION TO RUN F.D.A. President Obama's pick to run the Food and Drug Administration, Dr. Robert M. Califf, was finally confirmed for the job by the Senate on Wednesday, in a vote of 89 to 4, after weeks of opposition from a handful of lawmakers who had blocked his nomination over what they said was the agency's poor record on prescription painkillers. Click here for the full article from the New York Times (2/24/16).


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