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Since its inception in 2012, the Political Appointee Project has served as a valuable resource to those with a vested interest in the Presidential appointment process. With regards to the Political Appointee website, NAPA aims to identify the most important politically appointed positions in government, retain up to date information about the most recent political appointees, serve as a repository of profiles of key management positions in government, and provide insights to new political executives on the challenge of managing in government. This website is a byproduct of NAPA’s longstanding relationship with the Ernst and Young Initiative on Leadership and is also a component of NAPA’s larger Presidential Transition 2016 initiative.

Appointment Process in the News

Appointment Process in the News

This page provides readers a source for recent news regarding the Appointments Process, whether it be newspaper articles, events, or interviews. Please glance through the listings to find a piece you are interested in.

IT'S NOT JUST THE CABINET: TRUMP'S TRANSITION TEAM MAY NEED TO FIND ABOUT 4,100 APPOINTEES When President Obama leaves office on Jan. 20, so will his appointees, which means President-elect Donald Trump can fill more than 4,000 vacancies by presidential appointment in his new administration. Positions range from high-profile advisers and Cabinet posts to ambassadors, small agency directors and special assistants. Team Trump has already received more than 65,000 résumés from job seekers. These are the positions listed in the Office of Personnel Management’s newly released Plum Book. Trump has said he will trim the bureaucracy, so some may not be filled. (The book actually lists about 9,000 jobs, but about 5,000 of those are nonpolitical and filled with civil servants who don’t usually leave when the president does.) Click here for the full article from the Washington Post (12/5/16). 

THE PLUM BOOK IS HERE FOR THOSE ANGLING FOR JOB'S IN TRUMP'S WASHINGTON The biggest Help Wanted ad in eight years materialized in Washington Monday morning: A plum-colored paperback listing 9,000 political jobs for those who want to work in Donald Trump’s administration. The 226-page Plum Book — so called for the desirable jobs that change hands at the end of a presidential term — lists every patronage position in the executive and legislative branches that could be filled by Trump supporters. They’re the policymaking and support positions that will form the spine of the real estate developer’s new government, and they’ll be vacated by the Obama administration by Jan. 20. Click here for the full article from the Washington Post (12/4/16).


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