Appointee Profile:
Mary K. Wakefield
Administrator, Health Resources and Services Administration
Department of Health and Human Services
Appointee Profile:
Pamela Hyde
Administrator, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
Department of Health and Human Services
Appointee Profile:
James Runcie
Chief Operating Officer, Office of Federal Student Aid
Department of Education
Appointee Profile:
Allison Macfarlane
Nuclear Regulatory Commission

How to use this website:

  • Building on the current book project of Ernst & Young and the previous work of the Council for Excellence in Government, the Political Appointee Project has updated and expanded the list of political appointee positions which originally appeared on the “Excellence in Transition” website.   This section includes profiles of many crucial management positions in government.

  • Over the last thirty years, there have been numerous studies calling for major reform of the political appointment process. This section includes both excerpts, as well as the entire report in many cases, of the major studies which have examined the political appointments process and made recommendations for reform.

  • This section includes a compilation of advice for political appointees that have been prepared in recent years for new appointees. The goal of this section is to provide insights for new political appointees as they assume their position and deal with the challenge of managing in government.

  • The National Academy of Public Administration and the American Society for Public Administration have undertaken a project to prepare Memos on the major management challenges facing the administration which takes office in January 2013. This section contains those Memos, organized by topic.